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Sip & Create Tamborine Mountain

Scented Wax Smellies Crystals & Botanicals

Scented Wax Smellies Crystals & Botanicals

Welcome to the Wax Smellie class!

In this fun and informative workshop, you will learn the art of creating your own delightful scented wax sachets.

Using high-quality soy wax, aromatic oils, and carefully selected dried botanicals, you'll discover how to craft natural wax air fresheners that are ideal for infusing closets, drawers, and other cozy nooks with enchanting fragrances.

During the class, you'll be introduced to a variety of techniques and recipes to help you unleash your creativity and customize your scented sachets. With step-by-step guidance, you'll explore different scent combinations, experiment with botanical blends, and learn how to create captivating fragrances that suit your personal preferences.

Not only are these scented sachets a wonderful way to freshen up your living spaces, but they also make charming gifts for housewarmings or expressions of gratitude. As part of the class, different recipes that showcase unique scent profiles, allowing you to explore a range of delightful fragrances.

Join us in the Wax Smellie class and unlock the secrets of crafting scented wax sachets that will bring joy, comfort, and a touch of nature's beauty to any small space. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of aroma's, and create exquisite handmade treasures that will delight both yourself and your loved one's.
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