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Sip & Create Tamborine Mountain

Dream and Sip Workshop: Feng Shui Vision Board

Dream and Sip Workshop: Feng Shui Vision Board

Gain clarity and momentum towards manifesting your dreams, desires and goals through the process of creating a vision board with holistic feng shui on Tamborine Mountain.

This hands-on class is taught by a qualified Holistic Feng Shui and EFT tapping practitioner with over 15 years experience.

A general vision board is a visual representation of images and words that capture your dreams and goals, however a feng shui vision board uses additional principles and processes to amplify the attraction of these dreams.

First, you will learn about basic holistic feng shui principles (including the law of attraction) and reflect on the year that was to gain clarity on where you want to go from there, taking the lessons you’ve learn from previous years forward with you.

Next you will visualise the best version of you and your life. With that in mind, you will find images or phrases from magazines, Pinterest as well as use of intentional Feng Shui colours, shapes or words and represent them in a Bagua Map formation to display as a daily reminder of what you are manifesting. Images will be trimmed and glued with additional extras to decorate your vision board.

You may also take time to break through limiting beliefs and other blocks to clear the way to your dreams more easily if desired with a range of modalities including EFT Tapping, affirmations, empowering statements, chakra balancing or more.

In this vision board workshops, you will be able to:

  • Reflect on the previous year and connect with your current life & life situations
  • Focus on the Life Aspirations of Feng Shui: Career, Love & Relationships, Health, Family, Abundance, Balance, Creativity, Support, Travel, Recognition etc to create a unique Feng Shui vision board
  • Connect to your inner being & source to be drawn to images & words to represent your vision
  • Breakthrough limitations that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams
  • Make connections with like-minded beautiful souls

By the end of the workshop, you will have a completed feng shui vision board, as well as leaving with newfound confidence to manifest with feng shui at home.
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